La Pierlé is a family nickname.
In French, it means "Little stone" and comes from my greatgrandfather
who was a stonemason. Therefore, I am part of the fourthgeneration
of Pierlés.
I come from the East of France, in Alsace.
I started by sewing studies in Strasbourg and then obtained a HND in
fashion design from the Duperré High School of Design, Fashion and
Creation in Paris. After that, I travelled to Asia working as a fashion
designer and discovering textile techniques from other countries and
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As a freelance fashion designer, I work closely with customers to
design their collections in line with their commercial targets and the
company spirit.

I am a mix of illustrator and graphic designer too.
My illustration style is contemporary and where required, seasoned
with a pinch of tragedy ! I use a hand rendered process followed by
assembly and final composition in Photoshop.The topics I bring to life
are limitless; from people to art and buildings to flowers with a
particular interest in fashion and textile.
I love producing illustration for advertising, business card design,
illustration for website, album covers, editorials, public art and more.
The feeling I want to convey with my images is something like: ”
great,she drew that, well done, but how did she get that look? How
does that work?” Handmade yet slightly disturbing in the end.
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